Best Beginner Golf Club Sets for Kids

#1 – Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set

If you are buying clubs for a child in the range of 8 – 12 years old, the Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set is a solid pick. This set includes everything the junior golfer needs to get started, without having a huge price tag at the same time. There are a total of five clubs in this set, along with a stand bag that will make it easier for the child to walk the course.

Kelly Taylor said, “The set is great quality and the bag is great too – has what is needed and the quality is good and is easy for my son to carry.

In addition to being functional, this set includes a bright orange color scheme which many kids will love right off the bat. It is important to get kids excited about golf when they are first getting started, and things like bright colors and fun designs can do just that.

Elizabeth C. Crow said, “The clubs are weighted for balance and a good swing is more likely with these clubs than a “toy” set. Great value and attractive appearance.”

#2 – Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag

When the child you are shopping for is of a younger age – between four and seven – the Confidence Junior Golf Club Set is a nice choice. This set includes four total clubs with a three wood, two irons, and a putter found in the bag, which also comes with your purchase. You won’t have to break the bank to pick up this set, and the clubs all have graphite shafts to keep the weight down for little hands and arms.

  1. Elwell said, “The quality of the clubs far exceeded my expectation and the price was great! I received the clubs very quickly after ordering and could not wait until my son unwrapped his new clubs. You can find righty junior golf club sets, but it’s much harder to find leftys”

One of the smart elements included in this set is actually the lack of a driver. The driver can be a tough club for little ones to hit, so starting out with a three wood is a great idea. After they gain a little bit of experience and get some practice out on the range, adding a driver later will be no problem at all.

Cassie said, “The set comes with a wood, two irons and a putter, and all four clubs are well-made and of a great quality. The bag is sturdy — not flimsy at all, and made of good material. My son loves carrying it around on his back using the back straps.”

This is another set of clubs that is aimed at the little golfer (five and under, in this case). As was true of the set above, this package includes four clubs along with a golf bag. Everything in the set is designed to be lightweight, with the use of graphite shafts in the clubs and a lightweight nylon material for the bag itself.

Ramdas said, “The irons are the right size for her height and I assume these would last at least another two years for her height. She loves the driver and the putter too and is able use them comfortably. The clubs are strong yet not too heavy, and the grip is soft. Would highly recommend for any starting young golfer.”

An advantage to this set is the affordable price point that it offers. Since your child is likely to outgrow these clubs within a year or two, you don’t want to have to spend too much money on a set at this point. All you need is something that will let them learn the game, and they can upgrade into a bigger set as they get bigger.

Grandma C said, “These were the perfect size and it is amazing what he can do with clubs that are actually the correct size. I would highly recommend the clubs.”

A set from one of the top brand names in sports, Wilson, this item allows you the chance to provide your child with some consistency as they get older. There are three sizes available – small, medium, and large – so you can pick out the one that is right for your child at this point. If you so choose, you could stick with this set and purchase larger clubs down the line in order to provide them with equipment that they are used to using.

Kamela A Watson said, “Suitable for little ones picking up their golf skills.”

Included in this set is a driver, hybrid, two irons, a wedge, and a putter. There is also a bag that comes with the purchase, so your kid will be just about ready to hit the links with all of this equipment standing by. There is a lot to like about teaching the game of golf to kids at a young age, and these clubs will help them to have a great time.

Little Hawk 65 said, “Perfect set for my 9 year old grandson. He is doing great with it… I am very pleased with the purchase.”