Best Beginner Golf Club Sets for Women

Budget Sets

#1 – Golf Girl FWS2 Lady Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag

Do all women love everything pink? Of course not! Some do, however, and if you are one of the women in that club, you may want to consider this budget set of clubs from Golf Girl. These are pink, to say the least, and they also come with just about everything you need to get going in the game. The set has a driver, a three wood and a hybrid, six irons, a putter, and a bag. There is pink throughout the set, and head covers are included with the purchase.

One thing to keep in mind with this set is the fact that it includes a cart bag, so you should be planning on using either a power cart or a push cart as you make your way around the course. If you are going to be carrying your bag most of the time, you will be better served to find a set which includes a bag designed for that purpose. However, if riding or using a push cart is in your plans, the Golf Girl FWS2 is an affordable option.

#2 – Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set

This Knight set has just about everything you would need to get started in the great game of golf – and it all comes at a price that will be easy to stomach. Included in the set you will find a 12.5* driver, a three wood, a hybrid, five irons, a putter, and a golf bag. For the new golfer on a budget, this is a strong pick due to the range of clubs that are included for a fair price.

In this set, the driver features a graphite shaft while the rest of the club are steel-shafted. This is neither a good or bad thing – it is more a matter of personal preference. Graphite-shafted clubs are lighter than their steel counterparts, so decide if you would like to have heavier or lighter clubs and then pick a set that suits that choice.

It isn’t often that you can shop in the ‘budget’ section and still get gear from a respected name brand, but that is exactly the case with this option. Wilson is a long-standing brand that is respected in a number of different sports, including golf. This set comes with a moderate price tag, and yet it includes just about everything you could want if you are getting started on the links.

You will find a driver and fairway wood with graphite shafts in this set, along with a steel-shafted hybrid and set of irons. A putter is included with the set as well, as is a cart-style golf bag. One of the best attributes of this set is the charitable component that is involved. For every purchase of this set, Wilson will make a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

No Budget Sets

#1 – Tour Edge Women’s Lady Edge 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

To get started in golf with a brand name set of clubs that might be able to last you well into your golf experience, consider this offering from Tour Edge. In order to make the game easier on those who aren’t accomplished golfers, Tour Edge has included three woods (including the driver) and two hybrids in this set. The irons included are 8 – SW, and there is a putter as well.

This is another set that includes a cart bag, so this Tour Edge package is only going to be a good pick if you don’t intend on carrying your bag. Fortunately, most golfers today choose not to carry, using either a power cart or push cart to get around. Most likely, if you are a beginning golfer, you will use a push cart or you will decide to ride for most of your round. If that is the case, this combination of bag and set of clubs could serve you quite nicely.

Adams is one of the top brand names in women’s golf, so this is certainly a set worth considering carefully. While it does come with a relatively hefty price tag, there is plenty of value to be had when you consider the quality equipment made by this company. Adams has long had a presence on the professional tours, so you can expect to get a set of clubs that is capable of hitting any shot – so long as you can make the right swing.

Since irons are often hard for many female golfers to strike properly, this set has been designed with plenty of fairway woods and hybrids to lower the overall difficulty of the game. There are three fairway woods, in addition to a driver, and two hybrid clubs as well. The set also includes the short irons that you will need, a putter, and a bag.

Even those who are just getting started in golf likely are familiar with the Callaway brand name. This is one of the top golf equipment companies in the world, and you would be making a good choice to start out your golf experience with this high-end gear. Of course, if you would like to own this set for yourself, you are going to have to be willing to invest significantly in your golf game.

Just as with the Adams set, this offering from Callaway has a driver, three fairway woods, and two hybrids. Short irons and a putter round out the set, and you are also getting a Callaway golf bag. As an added bonus, there are multiple color schemes to pick from with this set, so you can get a style that fits your personality perfectly.