Golf Tips For Beginners

Going to the golf course tomorrow and don’t want to make a fool of yourself? Or going out this afternoon and need to impress some clients. Here are the best videos to get your brain learning the game. Since studies to show watching a sport can improve your game consume away! Here are my favorite free golf tips videos.

Fundamental Golf Videos For Beginners

How to Grip a Golf Club

Basic Golf Swing Tips

Golf Driver Tips For Beginners

Driving is one of the hardest parts of any golfer’s game. Hitting the ball that far and actually having it go the direction you want. Don’t worry you aren’t alone, it’s not easy for pros all the time to use their driver well. So do you think a golf beginner would be able to?

Chipping Tips and Drills

You got it so close to green. You can almost taste it. You just gotta chip it up in there.

Putting Tips and Drills

Simple Golf Tips For Beginners To Remember

  • First place your tee into the ground and rest the ball onto it.
  • Next remember the instructions located in the grip section of this guide and wrap your hands around the grip of the club.
  • Be sure to set your feet apart in a comfortable manner (shoulder’s length on tee shots) and bend your knees slightly in order to strike the ball effectively.
  • Make sure that the bulk of your body weight rests on your heels and square your body as well as the club face to the ball.
  • Once you do that it is important that you have a pre-shot routine or take a few practice swings near the ball so you can figure out exactly what your approach will be to the ball.
  • For your back swing sweep the club back by turning your shoulders around your back; while doing this keep a steady tempo with all of the components in your body which are in use (hands, arms and legs)
  • Now slowly shift your weight to your back foot and keep the clubhead low to the ground in order to strike the ball with maximum power as well as optimal precision. Be sure to maintain your balance and don’t sway to the side.t
  • At the start of your down swing your back shoulder should drop slightly and shift your weight towards the front of your body.
  • Rotate your hips toward the ball while generating as much power as possible in calm yet forceful manner as your body uncoils.
  • Your arms should be completely straight once you strike the ball.
  • Follow through with your front foot down and your chest facing where the ball once was with your back foot pointing towards the ground.