Start Golfing Today

Section 1 – Ultimate Guide For Beginner Golfers

So you never have played the game of golf before and want to go try it out today. Well I got you covered. Here is how to start golfing today. Before you go out and buy a whole set, read through this and the next section of the Ultimate Guide For Beginner Golfers and you will be set!

Golf Clubs

There are a few ways you can acquire a set of clubs. Here are few of my favorites.

You can get out there and rent a set of clubs at most golf courses. Call yours ahead to find out how much it cost and make sure they have rental sets. Before worrying about buying a set of golf clubs just get out there and play. Find out if you like the game or not before you invest in set of clubs. Find out if they include a bag and balls, and if they have a deal for a round of golf or bucket of balls included.

This is the ultimate way to go find out if you love golf. Borrow a friends set, make sure they fit you. (here’s how you make sure) Beginner golfers just need to hit the range so if you can get a free set of clubs for a day good for you! Maybe when you are ready you can have the friend you are go out and teach you the rules of the game, or give you a few pointers with your swing.

I don’t recommend buying golf clubs if you are a first time golfer. Making sure you have a passion for the game is more important than making a huge investment to something completely new. Get out there with a friends set of clubs or go rent a set at the course first. But, if you still rather buy a set of beginner golf clubs, here is what we recommend. Visit the reviews page and sort our chart by what you are looking for. Checking out online stores and nearby golf stores can be worth it. If you are looking for the most for your money Amazon usually is what we recommend.

Hit the range before you play your first round

The range is a great way to learn how to hit the ball and practice the fundamentals of golf. You will be able to get in a lot more swings and in less time than going out on the course. If you never have played before you don’t want to get stuck out on the course only to learn you hate golfing. Just go whack a few balls and practice your swing. You could really do this your first few weeks to learn how to swing and get more practice for your time spent. Getting the ball in the hole will come with practice on  how to swing, your stance, and don’t forget – the putting green.

Make sure you can find a friend if you can. Learning golf is just like anything else, it’s a whole lot more fun with a friend. So call up some buddies and find someone who wants to come practice swinging at the range or hit the executive course. Finding someone who has some experience with golf is definitely recommended. Especially if you are making the jump from hitting at the range to walking the course. Someone who knows the game and can help teach you a thing or two is highly recommended.

Call ahead to find out the prices for golfing ranges around you and executive courses. Especially if you are renting clubs, as mentioned above. Invest as your passion and skill for the game grow. Don’t go out and spend too much on the top of the line gear, gadgets, gizmos, while you are just getting started. Those things are great but if you just started just take your time to explore the game and find out how much you like it. The last thing you want is to spend money on a nice set of clubs that gathers dust in the garage. If you end up loving it, great! Beginner Golf Clubs are pretty cheap now. You can get a get set of brand new beginner golf clubs that are going to be more than enough for you.

Here is an easy resource to find a golf course near you. Head over to Enter your zipcode and select public course, it will pull up the distance and price range. If you are renting clubs make sure you ask how much.

Some types of courses are:

  • Executive – Made up of Par 3’s. The best course to go to for beginners.
  • Regular – Most golf courses out there made up of two sets of 9 holes. Front and Back Nine.
  • Private / Country Clubs – Member’s only golf courses. Friends with memberships can pay to invite friends.

Go through and watch a few of the videos while you are at the driving range or just before you go. Some videos will help if you are jumping straight into walking the course too!

We cover a full range of free instruction videos in Section 5.