Ultimate Guide For Beginner Golfers

Welcome beginner golfers to the only resource you need. I am so excited you are getting into the wonderful game of golf. I have been helping beginner and intermediate golfers for years. I have created this EPIC guide to get you started quick, and also cover basics of the game, and help you get everything you playing golf.

About Me

My name is Jordan Harris and I love helping beginner golfers. Just like you I was introduced to the wonderful game of golf. It quickly became one of my favorite sports, and a real passion of mine. I guess I have my dad to thank for that. Spending time at the course, either on the driving range or playing a round until it’s dark out is still one of our favorite things to do together.

I work on websites, SEO, and online marketing for brands at CampWest, and coach high school golf for Timpanogos High School in Orem, Utah. I have been golfing for more than 18 years and love introducing people to this game.

How To Use This Guide?

This guide is broken up into several sections for you to quickly browse through learn what matters most, and have all the information you need. In each section we outline any necessary information you need depending on who you are buying the clubs for.

We cover a lot of topics on this golf guide so bookmark it so you can keep referring back to it later.

Help us spread the word about this site helping beginner golfers get started golfing, learn the basic rules, tips for playing better and the best resources for golf training online, and how to save money and buy the best beginner golf club set for you.

Why Did I Write This Guide?

This guide was written in order to help a complete stranger to the game of golf. I have gone through introducing my little brother and good friends to golf through out the years and learned what matters most to beginners. The more people I help teach the more I have learned how to help new golfers. Training and coaching at my nearby golf courses and now I even coach a local high school team.

Only What Matters

I want to make sure you get the basic info you need but not too much it overwhelms you. I am taking the same approach with this guide as I do with how many golf clubs I recommend beginners to put in the bag. The bare minimum. You don’t need 12 clubs in your bag when you are learning, and you don’t need to read and consume every beginner golf tip out there.

This guide will help you get enough info so you can get out there and play. I cover the basics for etiquette and the best videos on Youtube to get some fundamentals down to practice at the driving range. The most difficult thing for golf might not be learning to white the little white ball, but buying your first set of golf clubs.

How overwhelming this can be! Sizing, brands, budget, new or used, there is so much to consider, but don’t worry we are here to help! We will take you through the steps & cover everything you need to know, making sure you are confident with the set of clubs you end up making the purchase on. Don’t worry if you are an Amazon Prime shopper like me it will be real simple to get an affordable brand new set of beginner golf clubs coming straight to you now.

How Much Of This Guide Should I Read?

Of course we hope you read all of it! But, as we all know reading instructions and guides can at times be a bit tedious depending on the subject matter, however in this case it is recommended that this entire guide is read in order for your first experience on the greens. If you are familiar with certain aspects within the game then feel free to read just the sections such as straight to the etiquette guide or or buying research that you need.

Table of Contents