Beginner Golf Clubs Buying Guide

Buying a beginner golf club set is not easy for everybody. You are balancing budgets, sizing for kids and juniors, and making sure it will last if you end up really enjoying the game of golf. Throughout this guide I will give tips for each age range and gender buying their beginner golf clubs. If you are shopping for your kid who recently got into the game of golf, or starting to play golf and do business we have plenty of tips for you.
This is section 3 in our Ultimate Guide For Beginner Golfers.


Of course adults that are beginning the game of golf have the most available options for buying their first set of clubs. You most likely will see mens golf clubs sets when seeing clubs at a thrift store or yard sale, and also the widest selection at the golf stores for used and new. Men and women are the only distinction in adult clubs besides sizing and hand, sizing we will go into shortly.

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Best Beginner Set of Golf Clubs For

Golf club brands break their kids sets into two categories. Most of them being junior, and a few novelty and semi realistic toddler golf clubs. Since I have been asked about buying sets for these, mostly junior golf club sets here is some extra info on buying those.

Brands use the term “Junior” at their own discretion. With the age range of “Junior” anywhere from 6 to 12. Most sets have a specific age range listed, we try to list any outlying reviews of the set not fitting their kid because of height issues. Make sure you pay close attention to the age listed to ensure your kid or loved one you are purchasing for can use the clubs. Buying a little big is usually recommended to make sure the clubs can last them at least two golf seasons if not more.

Buying clubs for toddler is usually picked around licensed brands, flashy colors to keep your toddler excited about smacking that little white ball around the yard and having fun.

Buying Beginner Golf Clubs Budget

Here are the essential things you will be buying. Consider each part you will be spending on so that don’t spend too much on the clubs, shoes, or some gadgets you probably don’t need yet.

There is no exception when it comes to golf equipment as well as the cost of competing in the game. As a beginner within the sport it is recommended that the budget remain as low as possible because let’s face it you may not truly enjoying playing and may not stick with it for long. If that were to occur and you paid top dollar for your equipment then you would have wasted a bunch of money and are stuck with some expensive equipment until you can find someone to unload it on for a much cheaper price than you paid. This is exactly why you should treat purchasing your first set of clubs and other equipment just like a person’s initial stock market acquisition, buy low.

A beginner’s budget for a beginners golf clubs should range between $100-$150 for a set of used ones and $200-$300 for a set which are new. If you stick within that budget then not only will you not be spending an absorbent amount of money on a set of clubs but you should also be able to obtain a quality set that will work well for you on the course.

Make sure if you are buying a new set of clubs it includes this. If you went the used clubs route then a new bag starts around $50. I would highly recommend you spring for a bag like this one that has the backpack straps and automatic stand. If you got some extra clubs from a friend and just need a bag, this is an affordable golf bag for beginners I recommend for golfers on my High School team.

Most sets don’t include this and it’s critical to avoiding blisters especially when you are playing lots of rounds. Almost no one who starts playing golf will have the calluses on their hands built up to avoid this. Simple put, get a glove. Here is a good one I recommend for beginners on Amazon.

Mens Golf Glove-Can’t go wrong with the weathersof. FootJoy WeatherSof 2-pk Men’s Golf Gloves | Left (Fits on Left Hand) REG/CADET Many Sizes

Womens glove- Nike Women’s Dura Feel.

Best golf balls for beginners are made with two pieces. They are made to give you more distance and less spin. Helps prevent bad shots with a hard cover for less scuffs and cuts. These are also the most affordable balls since as a beginner, you will be losing a lot of balls. Here are a few ball sets I would recommend.

Precept Laddie-  24 pack – Budget and Awesome

If you want a full guide on selecting golf balls and dive into the full info check out this golf ball buying guide.

The driving range is a great place to work on your fundamentals of swinging & driving the ball and also is a great way to let off some steam after a stressful day. It is also the most inexpensive golfing experience that you will ever find. A bucket of balls can range in price from as low as $3 to $10 depending on the location as well as the amount of balls that are in the bucket. Some locations have as little as 50 balls per bucket while some have as many as 200 in each. Ask about a range pass at your favorite local course after you have been there a few times. Bucket of balls are the best place to learn after all.

If you chose to rent a cart instead of walk the course it is usually around $1 a hole. So $9-$18 bucks, but call and check with your golf course for an exact amount if needed before you head down there if it is not listed on their website.

Collared shirts and slacks are preferred. Chances are you have some already or can get some from your favorite department store for $15-$50 each.

Starting around $50, it is one of the items you can wait on. If you are swinging so fast you are losing traction, it’s time to go grab some. Juniors especially can wait on. If the price isn’t a factor, definitely pick some up.

I would highly, highly, highly suggest getting some lessons when you can afford it if you are a true beginner. They usually start around $50 an hour. There are lots of great online training resources, take advantage of those since a lot of the game of golf is knowing what to do, but you still need to physically do it and make those adjustments. Having a coach or golf pro from your local course there to give you tips can be huge during a bucket of balls or round of golf. Try adding this into your budget even if only an hour every so often. It is worth it to get a cheaper set or used set of clubs and save some of your budget for this and other training resources.

I have a strong belief that they added slo-mo to smart phones for golfers. The feature is amazing. Buy a cheap tri-pod and smart phone holder. You can not only use some awesome apps I listed below. But also upload your swing videos to plenty of online coaches to have them break down and give you advice.

We can’t stress this enough throughout this guide, beginner golfers need to be frugal, they need to get the most bang for their buck. Look for 2 for 1 deals. Twilight Deals (after 5:30) (add more here of ways to save and more recommendations where they can save)

First time out there rental clubs are probably the best option I would recommend. Most people don’t know about the option that you can rent at the course. Get out to get out and try the game.

Many of you may have the misconception that it is extremely expensive to play a round of 18 on a golf course however that is very far from the truth. There are many affordable public golf courses throughout the country and most of them have green fees that range from $30-$60 for a round. There are other courses that are very pricey out there but for a beginner it is recommended to keep the spending to a minimal. Play executive or par 3 courses, they are shorter and more manageable for beginners, more importantly they are also cheaper.

There are other costs as well such as additional equipment like golf shoes, gloves and even cart rentals; however these are not as essential as the main three which were already spoken about in this guide.

A good pair of golf shoes for beginners should cost anywhere from $30-$60 while gloves should run you about $8-$15. The cost on golf cart rentals vary from course to course but typically it shouldn’t cost any more than around $40.

New or Used: The Pros and Cons of Both

One question that is an age old one for beginners is whether they should go out and purchase equipment that is brand new or used. Both new and used equipment have their pros and cons and here are a few of each for both sets of products.

With anything in life there is always a great advantage to purchasing something brand new and that is no different with golf equipment. You are the first and many times the only person that will be using this equipment and thus will gain a special bond or sense of ownership with it. You know exactly how the equipment has treated, handled and what it has been through. If there are any scratches, dents or divots then you know exactly how it happened or why they are present.

The only con that truly exists with purchasing new equipment is the price factor; new equipment will without question cost more than purchasing second hand or used equipment. Golf equipment can definitely be a bit pricey and purchasing brand new could mean as opposed to used could mean a difference of hundreds of dollars in some cases. But with the rise of online shopping and places such as Amazon, price is becoming less and less a factor. With great deals on sets of clubs

When it comes to used equipment the huge pro here is the price factor, you could save yourself some major coinage if you decide to go this route as opposed to purchasing new; this truly the only reason I would suggest to do so.

The cons in purchasing used equipment could range from not knowing exactly how the items were treated previous to you obtaining them to not knowing where and when the equipment was originally purchased. Basically the major disadvantage when it comes to used equipment is the same when it comes to purchasing anything used and that is the unknown factor. Cars may have a system in place that informs potential buyers of the vehicles past such as CarFax but there isn’t anything called “EquipFax” or “GolfFax” around where the serial number from a club can be entered into a computer and a potential buyer will be notified how many times someone has slammed their club into the ground following a bad shot.

If you can afford it then I would recommend purchasing everything brand new but if you can’t there is nothing wrong with getting yourself some great second hand equipment.

What Clubs Should Beginners Make Sure They Have?

Making sure you have the clubs you need is an important factor when buying a set of clubs. Most brand new beginner sets will include the bare minimum needed for a new golfer to start learning the game and hit the links.

Hybrid Club

It is nice to get a set with a hybrid club because they are made to help get the ball in the air but also hit it further than an iron.

Adult Club Minimums

Adult sets will usually include around 10 to 14, 14 is the maximum set of clubs you can have with you on the course for tournament play, don’t worry about that for now.

10 clubs is usually a good amount and 14 is most likely even over kill for the beginner golfer. Here are the main clubs to make sure you have if you are buying a set of clubs used or want to make sure that new set has it.

The Bare Minimum Beginner Golf Clubs For Adults

  • Driver
  • Putter
  • Wedge

Junior Club Minimums

Junior set of clubs typically include a Driver, Hybrid club, Iron (7 or 8), a wedge (9 or PW) and a putter. Like I mentioned above really try to find a set or get a used hybrid club for your junior.

The Bare Minimum Beginner Golf Clubs For Juniors

  • Driver
  • Putter
  • Wedge

Best Junior Beginner Golf Club Sets

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